Indiana NORML wishes the best for all of our friends and allies, as we enter a new year.

2014 saw the 40th anniversary of our organization, the oldest Cannabis reform group in our state. It’s taken us 40 years to get this far, and we have a long way to go, but we are on our way.

We have seen in this past year great growth. INORML is a part of an extended network throughout the state called the Indiana Cannabis Action Network (ICAN), and stepped up activism at Purdue NORML, Purdue University at Calumet (PUC NORML), the formation of Northeast Indiana NORML in the Ft. Wayne area and of Northwest Indiana NORML in that part of the state. And we have friends in other orgs, such as the Indiana Department of Cannabis (IDOC) in the Evansville area, Kentuckiana Cannabis Activsts for Re-Legalization (CARE), and the Students for a Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) at Manchester University. There is also the Indiana Medical Marijuana Advocates, Indiana and Indianapolis Dads for Marijuana, our old friends at Relegalize Indiana LLC and others. That’s more people in more parts of the state talking to their friends and neighbors, and their elected officials.

Indiana Senator Karen Tallian (D-Portage) will introduce a medical Marijuana bill in the 2015 legislature. We face stiff opposition by some people who do not understand, refuse to try to understand, and who have no genuine concern for the health and well being of Hoosiers. However, there are legislators on both sides of the aisle who do understand and who do care, and they are working towards a better situation than what we now have.

2014 saw a quantum leap in Marijuana and Hemp reform. We did authorize research into Hemp, and while the process is painfully slow, Indiana is still in the game for Hemp. 2015 will see more advances in relegalization across not only the nation, but the world. And that ouside influence can only help us here in Indiana.

Indiana NORML will be all over again this year. We will, of course be at the Indiana State Fair, and we will be at Occustock near Evansville, Gay Pride in Indy, The Indiana Boogie and other places to be announced. And we will be talking with legislators and community leaders about the benefits of Cannabis/Marijuana.

So, let all of us who believe in freedom in Indiana continue to band together for the common good and make Indiana a happier and healthier place to live.

A happy 2015 to all!