Medical Cannabis Town Hall - Indiana State Library

Hundreds of Hoosiers will be gathering at the Indiana State Library (in the history reference room) this Saturday, Aug.11th, beginning at 12 p.m., for the largest Medical Cannabis Town Hall meeting in our state’s history. Hosted by Indiana NORML & Hoosier Advocate David Phipps, attendees will also hear from guest speakers including State Representative Jim Lucas, a Republican legislator that not only supports cannabis legalization but also admitted to trying cannabis while on his recent trip to Colorado, State Senator Karen Tallian, the first Indiana legislator to introduce cannabis legislation, and State Representative Sue Errington, who holds the record for most cannabis bills introduced in the Indiana House of Representatives.

In addition to legislators there will be Rodney Strong, the Commander of the American Legion Department of Indiana, Hoosier Advocate David Phipps, Indiana’s leading citizen advocate for medical cannabis, along with several Hoosier patients, veterans, and many others standing up to talk about this issue. With Indiana’s legislature studying the issue of medical cannabis through an interim committee hearing this October and many predicting that Indiana could have medical cannabis on the books as soon as 2019, this town hall is intended to demonstrate public support and encourage Indiana’s legislators to pass medical cannabis legislation during the 2019 General Assembly.

With the vast majority of Hoosiers now supporting this issue and with the positive news coming out of legal medical cannabis states, including a 24.8% lower mean annual opioid overdose mortality rate than states without legal medical cannabis, it’s time for Indiana to take advantage of this widely supported treatment option that is now legal in 30 states plus Washington D.C., and to rescind the criminalization of cannabis for Hoosier veterans and patients that need it so desperately.

We invite the press to cover this town hall meeting to show the rest of our state what’s happening with the medical cannabis movement in Indiana. We’re shocking the rest of the country with the progress we’re making in the state many thought would be the last to reform our cannabis prohibition.

It’s coming soon!