We have a serious chemical drug problem in Indiana. Cannabis is not a “Gateway” substance; rather it is an exit substance.

Several studies have shown that in legal states, there’s a 25% reduction in opioid abuse when Cannabis is used.

No level of government reports how much such a bust as happened on Indy’s west side cost and that information has to be dragged out of them. Authorities took personal belongings under forfeiture laws that allow police to legally steal someone’s property, even if no charges are filed, and they have no responsibility to prove the property was paid for with illegally obtained funds. This is systemic corruption and is why prosecutors in Indiana and other states oppose relegalization because they will not get to line their pockets further with our money.

This is un-American.

While federal and local cops were investigating and executing this bust, how many shootings occurred? How many rapes, robberies and other crimes that won’t be adequately investigated because police resources are tied up on a pot bust? How much money will be wasted on this investigation, trial and warehousing people for their involvement with the planet’s most excellent plant? How many people will suffer because of these laws? How many will go homeless and hungry? How many roads could be fixed?

This is madness.