We see the devastation of opioid drug use every day. The numbers of those dying from overdoses or tainted drugs have reached crisis proportions and show no sign of stopping or even slowing down.


Cannabis can help.

Research shows that in states where Cannabis is legal, there is a 25% drop in opioid use AND opioid overdose. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/could-medical-cannabis-break-the-painkiller-epidemic/ among many others.

It is impossible to fatally overdose from Cannabis. In lay terms, you would have ingest 15 pounds in 15 minutes.


Is Cannabis effective as a pain killer? It depends. Which strain is used on a particular problem is essential, and since we as humans respond to different things, depending on our individual physiologies, some may respond better with edibles, oils, tinctures or other extracts, and delivery systems.




Does Cannabis lead to other substance use? The “Gateway theory” has been rebuked for over 70 years, starting with the LaGuardia Commission report of 1944, the 1999 Institute of Medicine study, the 2002 Rand Corporation study and through the 2000-teens.


On a federal and state level both, much hoo-hah is being made about the opioid epidemic and how government is going to deal with it. Relegalization of Cannabis allows safe, legal access to the proper strain and proper delivery system geared to the individual patient. So far, the governments in Washington D.C. and Indianapolis have done everything but help the situation and continue to ignore the fact that Cannabis is good medicine. Their actions or inactions are literally costing Hoosiers their lives; the luckier ones denied good medicine with a lower quality of life or are being forced to uproot and move to a state with more sane policies.

Ending Cannabis prohibition would go a long way towards stopping the needless deaths of opioid use. In October of 2016, WTHR-TV and the Howey organization released a poll showing 73% of Hoosiers want medical Cannabis legal. 54% want Cannabis legal for personal use. Is the Indiana legislature trying to harm Hoosiers through their lack of empathy and attention to fact? It sure seems like it.