The 2016 elections have been strange indeed, fraught with lies, deceit and accusations of corruption in several levels of the campaign.

Florida’s Broward County, the second most populated in the “Sunshine State, has a history of political, er, mistakes. It’s elections department has been criticized for two major printing errors in preparation for the upcoming November election. But it seems their Supervisor of Elections Brenda Sipes has made a third, much more dastardly mistake.

Florida Constitutional Amendment 2 is Florida’s very popular medical Marijuana initiative is supposed to be on the ballot. The South Florida Sun Sentinel, via reports that so far, 60,000 Broward County voters have cast absentee ballots. 189,000 additional ballots have been mailed out, but have not yet been returned.

The problem began when a voter who received one of the absentee ballots noticed Amendment 2 wasn’t on their ballot. Snipes says there might have been a “Mistake,” but doesn’t know how widespread it might be.

The National Organzation for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) has filed suit. According to Founder and General Counsel Keith Stroup:

Florida’s chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) has filed a civil lawsuit against the Broward County Commissioner of Elections, after media and news reports revealed that mail in ballots have been sent to voters omitting the state’s medical marijuana constitutional amendment.

The claim was just filed by NORML’s national vice chairman, Fort Lauderdale attorney Norm Kent, and his law partner, Russell Cormican, on behalf of Florida NORML and Karen Goldstein, NORML Florida’s chair, a West Park, Broward County voter.

The plaintiff’s are seeking a judicial declaration enjoining the Defendants from distributing any further ballots and implementing an emergency plan to issue new ones which ensure the inclusion of the proposed constitutional amendment on the ballot.

Mistakes? Maybe. But given the climate from many government officials around the nation to the coming normalization of Cannabis, and the curious charges of corruption in many political circles, it tends to make one doubt it was a mistake.

The text of the law suit can be read at: