Colorado, one of two states that relegalized Marijuana, has started the discussion of how to implement the will of the people. From everything I have personally read, it looks like they are trying to do it right, rather than impede the progress of what the voters demanded. ¬†They’re looking at how…not if.

It shouldn’t be too hard. After all, the production and distribution of Marijuana is already a science in the underground. In spite of voracious law enforcement, narcs, spies, cartels and spider mites, there is plenty of good quality Marijuana to be had. They will have to determine a number of policy changes. Drug testing, quality standards, good business practices and professionalism and other arenas of public and private life that will be affected by relegalization.

It’s critical that these discussions are kept real; open and honest and with a constant eye to doing what’s best for society. The last thing the State wants to do, if they are real in their desire to carry the will of the people, is to regulate to the point that it’s cheaper or easier to go back to the underground economy to supply the desired product.

States like Indiana, which will be making decisions regarding the reform of Marijuana laws, would do good to pay great attention to the methods of Colorado and Washington, and draw on the expertise of those who have been in the trenches of reform and from those in other fields of endeavor to answer these questions and get it right the first time,