preferred arrival time = 8:30 a.m.

This Friday, January 24, the IN Senate Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources will hold a hearing on Sen. Richard Young’s recently introduced bill SB-357 to allow the cultivation and production of industrial hemp in Indiana..  The hearing will be at the Indiana Statehouse at 200 W. Washington St. in Indianapolis.

We will be arriving at 8:30 a.m.  Why so early?  We want to have a seat. Arriving later may leave you standing in the back of the room or in the hallway.

It is important that we have as many supporters of this bill present, as possible. WILL YOU JOIN US?

So many people ask what they can do to help. This is one important way.

We know that for many this is a workday. Members of the INORML board are taking a vacation day or switching days off to be there.

Guidelines for the Statehouse:
Dress is business casual.
Remember you must go thru security, don’t bring even a small pocket knife. Nor anything illegal.
Please be respectful. please.

If you bring signs you may or may not be able to bring them to the hearing. Large poster boards are not allowed something 11×14 may be allowed. We never know ’til we get there.  If you decide to bring a sign, please keep it related to industrial hemp.  (Let’s try to fight one battle at a time; the battle this Friday is about hemp.   Some of committee members might be be open to allowing hemp production even if they aren’t yet on board re: delegalizing/decriminalizing marijuana.  Hopefully, we’ll soon be able to also go to a hearing about Sen. Tallian’s decriminalization bill SB-314.)

Getting this bill passed would be a major step for Indiana.

Taking 4 hours out of your day may prove to be the tipping point for this bill, so come if you can.

If you are unable to come to the hearing, you might be able to see it live on the internet by going to the committee’s webpage at, then clicking on “Agenda for Jan. 24, 2014” and then clicking on “Watch Live” .

To check out the bill and its current status you can go to the bill’s webpage at
Thank you!