What is the purpose of government if not to take care of its people? We all need to pull our own weight, and the vast majority of people want to do that. But what happens when illness strikes? Are we to just kick the disabled to the side of the road, or are we to do the right thing and help in the best way possible?

The difference between personal use Marijuana and medical use Marijuana is the application of the correct strain to the ailment. There are over 1700 strains of Marijuana, bred to treat various illnesses. For personal use strain doesn’t matter that much. But it’s everything for medical. The science has been developed, and is still developing further, to benefit those in need sans harmful side effects. So many of the chemical drugs available to patients have debilitating side effects that ensures a person’s dependence on not only a drug, but on the public dole as well.

Marijuana as medicine is the most compassionate, most cost-effective way of helping those in need.

Tonya Davis is a Marijuana Activist in Ohio. She has several afflictions that can be treated with the use of Marijuana much better than with chemical drugs. Tonya, and millions of others in this nation are desperate for relief.

This could be Indiana or any other state that hasn’t figured out the health and welfare of the people is what makes us all richer. https://www.facebook.com/notes/tonya-davis/open-letter-to-ohio-legislators-and-washington/10151099748357109