As you may have heard, the Indiana Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee passed S.B. 357 by a vote of 7-0, and Indiana NORML applauds that action. But we’re a long way from seeing industrial Hemp once again legal in our state.

I’ve heard some disturbing things being said, people thinking that Marijuana is now legal. This is not the case, and I’m concerned some people will think it is, become careless and get arrested. Please, anyone you hear saying something like that, advise them that even if the Industrial Hemp bill becomes law, possession, sales and related “Crimes” are still illegal and you can still go to jail. Industrial Hemp is not what you smoke. It is what we make fuel, fiber, paper, food, plastic and building materials out of.

What we need to do now is contact our Indiana State Senators. If you don’t know who your Senator is, go to: You can find him or her there. Write them and tell them to vote for S.B. 357, the Industrial Hemp bill.

If the bill is passed by the entire Senate, it then goes to the House of Representatives. It will be assigned to a committee. It will have to pass out of that unit, then go to the full House. If it passes there, it will go to Governor Pence for signature into law or veto.

We also have S.B. 314, which would decriminalize Marijuana. This bill has not been scheduled for a hearing. The deadline for scheduling is January 30th, just three days from the time of this writing. It’s imperative that you contact Senator Michael Young at 800-382-9467 or email at: [email protected] Politely ask him or an aide, to schedule S.B. 314 for a hearing. You have until January 30th to do this. After that, we wait for another year.

Indiana Senator Sue Errington has filed a bill, H.B. 1185, that would codify a medical necessity defense to a Marijuana arrest.  It has been assigned to the House Courts and Criminal Code Committee. It has also not been assigned a hearing date. Please contact Rep. Judd McMillin at 800-382-9841 or by email at: [email protected]

And…don’t forget to contact your own Senator and Representative. I know this is a lot, but how bad do we want this?