Automatic federal budget cuts went into effect at midnight on the date of this writing. Referred to as “Sequestration,” this is a deal signed into law by President Obama to force responsible economics on those in Congress by threatening across-the-board cuts in federal spending. Unfortunately, many of our citizens who need help the worst will find that help denied. It does, however, have some benefits for those who use Cannabis as a medicine, and possibly those who import or grow and sell Marijuana on the illegal, underground market.

Moreover, it gives Cannabis/Hemp reformers an opportunity to show the public as well as the government that the sky isn’t going to fall with the reduction of enforcement of Marijuana laws and the assaults against dispensaries in the 18 states now legal for medicine.

Maybe when Congress realizes its responsibility to take care of the people of this country and straightens out its spending habits, they will realize the big waste of money pursuing Cannabis has been.