In a “presession survey” collected before the IN 2013 session, IN State Rep Torr of District 39 asked voters if they’d prefer law to change for possession of small amounts of marijuana.  The results: 33% leave law as is ;  29% decriminalize possession (fine only) ;  38% legalize and tax it.  This may only tap results for District 39 but the results are interesting nonetheless.

Source: ” Under current law, if a person pleads guilty to possession of small amounts of marijuana, they may be sent to a diversion program for a first time offense or may be convicted of a Class A misdemeanor (which carries a sentence of up to a year in prison and a possible fine). If they have a prior conviction they may be convicted of a Class D felony (which carries a sentence of 6 months to 3 years in prison and a possible fine). Some are proposing reducing the penalty for  possession of small amounts to an infraction (fine only) and others may propose legalizing and taxing the sale of marijuana. Would you: [ (a) Leave the law as it is or (b) Decriminalize possession (Fine only) or (c) Legalize and tax it] ”  — survey question #8 from

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