This is a list of Indiana state Senators who voted against S.B. 192. If you copy and paste into a Word document, and push the space bar after each address, it should activate.

Here’s what’s up: A Senate Resolution (SR70) has been filed. It has passed the Senate committee by a vote of 7-2. Monday, April 18th, the full Senate is scheduled to vote on it. Below is a list of the Senators who voted against the original bill, SB192. We need to email them.

Go to: for a pre-written letter. Please feel free to add your own statements, always keeping it focused and polite.

Go to: and attach this to your email.

Go to: and attach this to the email.

Go to: and attach this as well.

It’s a little cumbersome, but in the absence of a better system, this will work.

Yes, it’s that important.


Alting [email protected]

Hershman [email protected]

Mrvan [email protected] (D)

Wyss [email protected]

Banks [email protected]

Holdman [email protected]

Nugent [email protected]

Young, [email protected]

M Bray [email protected]

Kruse [email protected]

Schneider [email protected]

Zakas [email protected]

Buck [email protected]

Merritt [email protected]

Smith [email protected]

Charbonneau [email protected]

Miller [email protected]

Tomes [email protected]

Head [email protected]

Mishler [email protected]

Waltz [email protected]


Delph [email protected]