Cannabis might be an excellent medicine for the nation’s ailing healthcare system.

There are no life-threatening side effects from Cannabis, and those people who might have an adverse reaction are few and far in between. That means fewer stacked prescriptions needed to control the side effects many prescription chemical drugs require.

We know there are many medical applications for Cannabis. Using Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO), otherwise known as Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) to cure a cancer costs approximately $3,000. Chemotherapy costs vary from about $9,000 up to, in some cases, $100,000.

Chemotherapy kills many cells in the body en route to destroying cancer cells. Cannabis destroys just the cancer cells and has shown great promise in treating brain cancer.

At the time of this writing in late June of 2017, healthcare in the U.S. Is a mess, and one of the areas causing concern are the costs associated with the Medicaid program. A study conducted earlier this year shows Cannabis likely to cut up to a Billion dollars in Medicaid expenditures.

Maybe the officials on all levels of government should be paying more attention to what actually helps people and saves taxpayer dollars than the political posturing we’re seeing now.