This is the text of a press release issued on 4/23/13 by Indiana NORML.

According to a Howey Report poll released on April 23, 2013, 56% of Hoosiers favor at least decriminalization of Marijuana for personal, adult use. This is a 2% increase in favor over a Howey/DePauw University poll released in October, 2012.

We are awaiting further information concerning this poll, such as the exact question asked, and how “Decriminalization” is being defined as well as other pertinent information.

Indiana Chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (INORML) Chairman, Neal Smith, said the people of Indiana are understanding the benefits of Cannabis/Hemp/Marijuana and are seeing the health and financial benefits of Marijuana and Hemp being available to Hoosiers without being treated as criminals.

“We’re not criminals. We are everyday people who work and raise our families in as healthy a manner as possible” Smith said. “Hoosiers aren’t stupid. We see study after study showing the safety and efficacy of Cannabis as a medicine. We are seeing through the lies of the vested interests whose products are far inferior to Cannabis, and rather than do what’s right for everyone, choose to line their pockets off of our suffering. Demonstrably, over half of our people want our freedom to choose restored. We intend to see that happen. Indiana’s politicians had better be waking up if they’d like to keep their jobs and do serious reform of Indiana’s Marijuana laws.”

H.B. 1006, now in a conference committee in the Indiana General Assembly, would make very minor improvements in Marijuana law reform, not enough to have a positive effect on reducing the burden on the state criminal justice system, and not nearly enough to foster improvements in the health and well- being of Indiana residents.