We are standing at the door of relegalization in Indiana. And it’s come down to the need for money.
Here’s the situation: Before Indiana NORML or RLI can get anywhere in the Indiana legislature, we need to have a top-flight survey done of the attitudes of people in Indiana towards Marijuana. This study needs to have a minimum of 1100 respondents and be properly analyzed and reported. We have been told by a couple of legislators that this needs to be done, with a credible study. A study like this is not cheap.
Joh Padgett, Executive Director of RLI, has been in touch with the preferred company, in Indiana, that is considered the “Gold standard” for polling purposes. This company does the study work for both of the major political parties, media, major corporations and others.
In order to make it to the Indiana legislature, which seats the first of the year, we have to have this survey done completed by the middle of December 2010. This survey will take approximately a week to conduct and analyze the findings.
This survey is going to cost INORML and RLI approximately $12,000. In the world of politics, that’s not a big sum. But in the world of grassroots organizing, this is a fortune. RLI is a young organization…not quite a year old and still developing its fundraising status.
INORML and RLI also have needs for items such as paper and ink to print flyers, computers, computer repair, T-shirts and promotional fundraising items and many other expenses to be covered like state fees, booth rental fees at events and the need for banners and other materials to supply the people of Indiana with the information they need about the organizations and the Marijuana/Cannabis and Industrial Hemp movement.
INORML and RLI plan on working together to appear at the Indiana State Fair this year. That will cost us approximately $3,000 which we still don’t have together. We’ll also be doing Global Marijuana March in May 2011, which will cost us some bucks. While we’re getting some small donations and memberships, which will help us cover the Global Marijuana March and the Indiana State Fair, we are no where close to having the money to conduct this valuable survey and present it to representatives and concerned
organizations within Indiana.
This survey must be recognized as accurate and credible and cannot be substituted with a lesser-respected type of survey. Our options are:
• Wait until next year and hope that the legislature will have time to take action and will even want to during an election year. • We can try to build numbers of people to lobby and hope someone will pay attention.
• Or we can keep trying to make enough noise to make them listen.
Option one has a slim chance, and only if they pay attention to us now. We’ve been trying options two and three without success. We need sizable donations, and we need them now. Getting a large single donation is the best way. Surely someone out there who will read these words has the money and supports the idea of relegalization.
If we don’t find that donor, then surely there are:
  • 12 people out there who want relegalization and can contribute $1,000.
  • 24 people who can give up $500 each.
  • 48 people who can contribute $250.
  • 100 people kicking in $75 each.
It’s a 50/50 gamble-support for marijuana legalization in Indiana can go either way with a survey.
What if the survey finds we don’t have as much support as we think we have?
We are currently going off of the “Straw Poll” WRTV channel 6 did last spring on April 20, 2010, that showed 56% of Central Indiana (Viewers) support relegalization.
We are seeing national media covering Marijuana in a much more positive way. We don’t get the consternation, dirty looks and foul comments we used to get when we set up a booth at an event before. We don’t get the harassment when just walking around with a pro-pot T-shirt on. These are obviously not scientific observations.
The Legislature won’t act based on casual observations. They want to see some facts. They will go through the a survey like this with the proverbial fine-toothed comb. It must be accurate. We can’t cut corners. It’s got to be real. We think the support is there. We have to prove it.
Please donate, if you have some money to contribute, and want to see an end to prohibition in Indiana. If you know of a donor who would be interested in our proposal please contact us. We have very little time to do this.