The Indiana Chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (INORML) applauds the Indiana General Assembly for passing Senate Bill 357, which would allow in-state research into the benefits of Industrial Hemp.

Industrial Hemp can be used to produce more than 50 thousand products, including fiber, paper, fuels, biodegradable plastics, carbon negative building materials, medicines, health benefits and cosmetics.

Hemp is a member of the Cannabis family, but it is not psychoactive. Nor can it be used to hide a Marijuana crop as the two would cross pollinate and ruin both crops.

“What Hemp will do is to give Indiana farmers a new, yet old cash crop” said INORML Chairman Neal Smith. “Indiana has a long history of growing Hemp. Indiana was a key state in producing Hemp during World War II for the war effort. Hoosier farmers will benefit greatly from this bill, as will industry in our state. We are talking about building complete new industries, on Hoosier soil, creating many new jobs for our citizens.”

The bill passed the Senate unanimously, 47-0 and the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee unanimously before that. In February, S.B. 357 passed through the House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee again, unanimously. The full Indiana House of Representatives just passed it 93-4.

The bill now goes to Governor Pence for his signature. We urge him, for the betterment of our state, to sign it posthaste.