Over 30 years ago, one of the worst nuclear disasters happened in Russia. The Chernobyl meltdown spread radiation in the area, contaminating soil and water, and residents there still, after all these years, must check food and water for radiation poisoning.

Hemp has long been known to repair the soil. It doesn’t require the pesticides, herbicides and etceteracides needed to grow on a commercial scale. Hemp is symbiotic with corn and beans, will grow well even in marginal soils, is drought resistant and can be grown on the same land through many growth cycles, keeping the soil good.

This is an old article, but in light of the Fukishima disaster, and an increasing level of poisons being found in our soil, Hemp, just being allowed to grow, helps humanity. It also provides fuel, paper, fiber, oil, building materials and food. Thousands of new green, sustainable and well-paying jobs would be create in Indiana alone. It’s time to restore Hemp to our agronomy.