This is one of the most inflammatory of the debates surrounding Cannabis: Drive high or not? No one but you can determine whether you are a good enough driver to make that decision.

There are currently no specific guidelines to make that determination. If you’re a lousy driver to begin with, tickets and wrecks on your record, Cannabis sure isn’t going to help you. If you’re a good driver, no wrecks or tickets and no one objects to riding with you, Cannabis isn’t going to hurt you. But how does law enforcement tell?

There also is no reliable test for current Marijuana “Impairment.” The “Swab” test claims to be, but it is only about 60% accurate. Blood tests are more accurate, detecting Cannabis use within two to seven days, still not enough to indicate current “Impairment.”

Another problem is that chemically, Cannabis is entirely different than alcohol, so tests and reference points for alcohol should not be applied to Cannabis. The effects on mind and body of Cannabis and alcohol are also entirely different.

Most valid studies going back to the 1989 Crancer Study, show that stoned driving is, to quote an oft repeated phrase: “Insignificantly more dangerous than driving under the influence of nothing.” Studies have shown that Cannabis is not a factor in most accidents, providing the driver is an experienced Cannabis consumer.

Still, state governments are hollering for regulations on driving, and, for some in our society, it’s probably necessary. Personal  responsibility can’t be legislated. There are other laws that could be applied, such as reckless driving, rather than a “Driving Under the Influence of Drugs” charge.

Meanwhile, yet another study shows that driving while “Under the influence” of Marijuana isn’t nearly as bad as other substances.