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Jeff Staker poses with cannabis researcher Sue Sisley while in D.C. 

Jeff Staker, the founder of Hoosier Veterans for Medical Cannabis, is no stranger to many in the Indiana Statehouse and in D.C. Recently, Staker embarked on another trip to D.C. on the week of April 20th to attend cannabis policy conferences and deliver packets of information to Indiana’s Congressional delegation and other relavent entities.

The information he provided included the story of Charly Curtis, the 6-year-old who lost her life to epilepsy in February of 2019, a letter in support of removing cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act from the board members of Indiana NORML, as well as letter in support of descheduling signed by a coalition of Indiana state legislators, including: state senators Tim Lanane (D-25), Karen Tallian (D-4), David Neszgodski (D-10), Greg Taylor (D-33), Lonnie Randolph (D-2), Mark Stoops (D-40), J.D. Ford (D-29), Eddie Melton (D-3), Phil Boots (R-23), and state representatives Chris Campbell (D-26), Carolyn Jackson (D-1), Earl Harris (D-2), Ross Deal (D-7), Mara Reardon (D-12), Carey Hamilton (D-87), Sue Errington (D-34), Dan Forestal (D-100), Chris Judy (R-83), Pat Boy (D-09), Patrick Bauer (D-6), Rita Fleming (D-71), Matt Pierce (D-61), Lisa Beck (D-19), Vanessa Summers (D-99), Chris Chyung (D-15), Jim Lucas (R-69), Tonya Pfaff (D-43), Charles Moseley (D-10), and Karlee Macer (D-92).

To read the letters and see all the information that was provided in-person to Indiana’s Congressional delegation, you can view the .pdf file below:

Hoosier Veterans for Medical Cannabis Washington D.C. trip 17 –