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As many of you already know, the IN Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee held a hearing on the bill this past Friday, January 24, and voted 7-0 in favor of the bill.


(i) This bill is about hemp and not about marijuana.  When this bill (hopefully) gets passed by the General Assembly and then (hopefully) gets signed by the governor, it will allow the state to issue licenses for hemp cultivation and production but only after it is legalized at the federal level.

(ii) This bill has yet not been passed by the General Assembly.  At Friday’s meeting, the committee voted in favor of the bill.  Next the bill goes to the whole Senate for a vote; if passed by the Senate, the bill will be sent to the House; only after being passed by both bodies will the bill be presented to the governor for his signature/veto.  The bill will be enacted when that whole process is complete.