Town Hall

This is a golden opportunity for the people of Indiana to lead the leaders!

On August 26th, Indiana NORML will present our Indiana Cannabis Town Hall meeting. It will be at the Indiana State Library, 315 W. Ohio Street in downtown Indianapolis. This event will be in meeting room 211 (The History room) at the Indiana state library. One of the leading Medical Cannabis advocates for the state of Indiana (Hoosier Advocate) David Phipps, will be the moderator for this town hall meeting.

Guest speakers include, Indiana State Representative (D) Sue Errington, State Representative (R) Jim Lucas, former State Representative (R) Tom Knollman, Chairman of the IU South Bend biology Department Professor Thomas Clark, Ivy Tech Paramedic Science Professor/Working Paramedic Chad Bartalone, Representative of the Indiana American legion John Crosby, Retired Air Force Captain and critical care nurse Jason Straw, Indiana attorney & founder of Indiana NORML Steve Dillon, Chronic pain medical cannabis patient & Former representative of L.E.A.P. ( law enforcement against prohibition)Chad Padgett, and more to be announced.

This meeting will be covering the pros and cons of Medical Cannabis legalization for the state of Indiana, along with the pros and cons of decriminalizing cannabis in order to free up important assets for battling our opioid epidemic.

IU Professor Thomas Clark & Ivy Tech Professor Chad Bartalone will be presenting their studies, data compiled from years of research, in order to educate Hoosiers and Indiana legislators on the true science behind this issue.

State Representative Sue Errington and former Representative Tom Knollman will be discussing the legislative side of this issue.

We will also have a panel with many of the guest speakers on stage, to answer questions from the audience.

Keep checking in, we’ll be adding more guest speakers and event details to this list soon.

We’re expecting press and elected officials at this meeting. If we want them to continue participating in these types of town hall meetings, we need to show them that the Hoosier support is there for Cannabis!.. That means we need your help spreading the word, so we can have a big crowd!

Here is what the Indiana American Legion says about it:

Thank you for your support!

Together we stand, divided we fall.