2016 Indiana NORML Candidate Survey

Again this election cycle, as we have done since 2008, Indiana NORML has sent out to as many candidates as we could find with addresses, a survey of their attitudes about Cannabis. We sent out 273 questionnaires. We did not send to Presidential candidates or judicial candidates. Judicial candidates are not permitted to publicly state positions on issues. We did not include Superintendant of Public Instruction candidates as they have no direct influence on anything not directly related to the policy setting requirements of their jobs. Nor did we send to coroners, surveyors or other offices not involved with changing Cannabis laws.

We informed our candidates that if they did not respond to the survey, we would assume, and pass on to the public, that they did not support relegalization. A recent survey in Indiana shows 73% of Hoosiers want medical Marijuana. There are a few, for whatever reason, who have not answered whose positions we are convinced are favorable. If any candidates read this, and can contact us before the election in regards to your Cannabis positions, we will do everything possible to publicize your position. Indiana NORML is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and can not endorse nor otherwise favor any candidate or political Party. We always strive for accuracy and fairness.

Some candidates who have made public statements and/or posted pro=Cannabis positions did not respond, for whatever reason. Democratic Gubernatorial candidate John Gregg has publicly stated several times he supports medical Marijuana and decriminalization, including http://www.ontheissues.org/Governor/John_Gregg_Drugs.htm Republican Eric Holcomb stated during a debate he is open to discussing medical Marijuana, but has no verifiable position past that.

Another race critical to Hoosier relegalization is in District 35 of the Indiana Senate between Phil (Coach) Webster, the Democrat, and incumbent Republican Michael Young. Young has several times been responsible for blocking relegalization bills submitted by Karen Tallian (D-Ogden Dunes). Webster favors. http://votesmart.org/candidate/political-courage-test/167450/phil-webster-jr/#.WBSqFvkrKM8

Thank you to all our candidates who did respond.

We asked all candidates the following positions on Medical Marijuana:

1. Would you support efforts to allow Hoosiers to have access to medical marijuana with a physician’s


Yes No

2. Would you support a dispensary system like Colorado, Washington State, Oregon or Alaska to manage this process?

Yes No

We asked all candidates the following questions on Personal Use Marijuana:

1. Do you agree with most Hoosiers that marijuana laws in Indiana should be changed to reflect a more realistic and

humane approach, and to conserve limited law enforcement resources?

Yes No

2. Many academic studies have shown that the consumption of Marijuana is much less harmful than the consumption

of alcohol. Would you support the taxing and regulating of Marijuana in a manner similar to alcohol?

Yes No

3. Would you support changing Indiana’s penalties for the possession of less than one ounce of Marijuana for personal

use to a civil infraction with a small fine?

Yes No

We encourage all Indiana voters to examine these responses. If your candidates are not listed, please contact them and ask them what their position on relegalization is, and why. Indiana does not have the citizen’s initiative, so our only chance of relegalization is to put candidates in office who favor relegalization. Then report back to us so we can pass the word. Lucy Brenton, U.S. Senate, Libertarian: Yes to all.

Rex Bell, Governor, Libertarian: Yes to all.

Adam Adkins, Governor, Independent: Yes to all.

Lorenzo Arredondo, Attorney General, Democrat: Yes to all except would not favor dispensaries.

Ron Cenkush, U.S. Congress District 2, Libertarian: Prefers decriminalization, wants removed from Schedule 1.

Drew Thompson, U.S. Congress District 7, Libertarian: Yes to all.

Andrew Horning, U.S. Congress District 8, Libertarian: Yes in general, but dispensaries w/out federal banking and other restrictions, decriminalize with no tax, infraction or fine.

Justin Notoras, Ind. Senate District 7, Democrat (Lafayette): Yes to all.

David Niezgodski, Ind. Senate District 10, Democrat (South Bend): Yes to medical, study decrim, study tax and regulate.

Gerard Arthus, Ind. Senate District 10, Libertarian (Mishawaka): Yes to all.

Carl Rust, Ind. Senate District 12, Democrat (Elkhart): Yes to medical, yes on decrim, not sure on dispensaries or tax and regulate.

Justin Kunle, Ind. Senate District 13, Democrat (Garrett): Yes to all.

Juli Dominquez, Ind. Senate District 16, Democrat (Ft. Wayne): Yes to all.

Paula Jo Guilliam, Ind. Senate District 20, Democrat (Noblesville): Yes to all.

Donald Rainwater II, Ind. Senate District 20, Libertarian (Westfield): Yes to all.

Jerry Coverstone, Ind. Senate District 28, Write In (Indianapolis): Yes to all.

Sean Gorman, Ind. Senate District 36, Democrat (Indianapolis): Yes to all; decrim as first step towards regulated sale.

Mark Stoops, Ind. Senate District 40, Democrat (Bloomington): Yes to all.

Darin S. Kinser, Ind. Senate District 44, Libertarian (Bedford): Yes to all, opposed to sales tax.

James P. Gillen, Ind. House District 7, Libertarian (South Bend): Yes to medical, opposes tax, sees decrim as a step to no fine.

Mara Candaleria Reardon, Ind. House 12, Democrat (Munster): Yes to all.

Mike Childress, Ind. House District 13, Democrat (Lafayette): Yes to all, but wants fiscal impact statement before fully committing.

Richard Luddington, Ind. House District 16, Democrat (Rennsselaer): Yes to all.

Dee M. Moore, Ind. House District 18, Democrat (North Manchester): Yes to all.

Evan Demaree, Ind. House District 19, Libertarian (Hobart): Yes to medical; should be no penalty.

Ethan W. Legg, Ind. House District 21, Libertarian (Elkhart): Yes to all, but there should be no penalty.

Rose G. Ryan, Ind. House District 23, Democrat (Peru): Yes to all.

Maurice O. Fuller, Ind. House District 25, Democrat (Logansport): Yes to all.

Franklyn Voorhies, Ind. House District 25, Libertarian (Logansport): Against taxes, decrim on possession.

Victoria Woeste, Ind. House District 26, Democrat (West Lafayette): Yes to all.

Sheila Klinker, Ind. House District 27, Democrat (Lafayette):

Ryan Scott Davis, Ind. House District 32, Democrat (Gaston): Yes to all.

Anthony J. Cook, Ind. House District 32, Republican (Cicero): Yes to medical, wants to see more studies and is opposed to smoking due to lung damage.

Sue Errington, Ind. House District 32, Democrat (Muncie) Yes to all.

Joseph Shank, Ind. House District 32, Republican (Muncie) Yes to medical, yes to decrim, no on tax and regulate.

Bill Walters, Ind. House District 35, Republican (Daleville) Yes to all.

Mike Boland, Ind. House District 37, Democrat (Fishers) Yes to all.

David Russ, Ind. House District 39, Democrat (Carmel) Yes to all.

John Pickerell, Ind. House District 41, Libertarian (Crawfordsville) Yes to all.

Bill Breeden, Ind. House District 46, Democrat (Spencer) Yes to all.

Michael Redick, Ind. House District 47, Democrat (Greenwood) Yes to all.

James Barnes, Ind. House District 48, Democrat (Elkhart) Yes to all.

Charlie Odier, Ind. House District 52, Democrat (St. Joe) Yes to all.

Zachary Lee, Ind. House District 54, Libertarian (New Castle) Yes to all.

Karen Chasteen, Ind. House District 56, Democrat (Richmond) Yes to all.

Rudy Howard, Ind. House District 67, Democrat (Aurora) Yes to all.

Jerome Hoog, Ind. House District 68, Democrat (Sunman) Yes to all.

Steven Stemler, Ind. House District 71, Democrat (Jeffersonville) Yes to medical, yes to dispensaries w/oversight, willing to discuss tax and regulate/decrim.

Thomas Keister, Ind. House District 71, Libertarian (Clarksville) Yes to all.

Douglas Leatherbury, Ind. House District 73, Democrat (Salem) Yes to medical, no dispensaries, no tax and regulate or decrim.

Curtis Nash, Ind. House District 84, Democrat (Ft. Wayne) Yes to all.

Rachel Burke, Ind. House District 89, Democrat (Indianapolis) Yes to medical, would research other systems than dispensaries, did not answer on tax and regulate, decrim.

Lacy Hollings, Ind. House District 90, Democrat (Indianapolis) Yes to all.

Douglas McNaughton, Ind. House District 90, Libertarian (Indianapolis) Yes to all.

Gregory Rathnow, Ind. House District 93, Democrat (Indianapolis) Yes to all.

Gary Whitmore, Ind. House District 98, Republican (Indianapolis) Yes to all.

Lawrence Shouse, Ind. House District 100, Republican (Indianapolis) No to medical, yes for tax and regulate/decrim.