(Tuesday, December 31, 2019)


Indiana NORML coordinates statewide activist campaign


INDIANAPOLIS– Volunteers with the Indiana Chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws have been coordinating a statewide call-to-action and community action network.


Indiana NORML now has connections in most counties as part of this campaign.


According to INORML Vice Chairman Jason Straw, the intent of the operation is to force the conversation at the local level with trained and informed advocates. These volunteers are preparing to activate in nearly every local community in the state.


“The response of those willing to volunteer in this effort has been tremendous,” said Jason Straw, INORML Vice Chairman. “These are educated and capable people from all walks of life who will articulate cannabis reform to their local communities.”


Leadership said the volunteers plan to operate as teams in their hometown areas throughout the state and will begin taking direct action in conducting and attending public meetings and increasing public awareness, support, and demand for cannabis reform.


“These brave Hoosiers are the voices, eyes, and ears in their communities, and they are ready to learn and willing to take action for good,” said Will Henry, INORML Chairman. “These volunteers will be visiting local leaders, councils, civic associations, organizations, and other public meetings throughout the state with info and a unified message in the call for cannabis reform in every local area.”


Indiana NORML leaders will be mentoring and informing these teams and helping spread communication of their volunteer activities through the website and on social media.


For questions or further comments please contact Indiana NORML at [email protected]