Indiana NORML is disappointed in our Hoosier Senators for taking backwards steps on the Cannabis issues.

We are still trying to find out precisely what are the motivations behind this retrograde, as well as the precise wording of the proposal. When the rest of the nation is preparing to end prohibition, Indiana seems to want to embrace it. If reducing criminal justice costs is the goal of streamlining policy, this bill will do little in that regard. If reducing prison overcrowding is the goal, it does even less. But we have not seen the official release of what exactly is in the bill.
As soon as we know precisely what the amendments are, we will release this information and a formal response. We will take appropriate action at that time.

Meanwhile, we urge you to contact your Indiana State Senator and tell her or him to support relegalization of Cannabis/Hemp/Marijuana. To find your Senator, go to:

Neal Smith
Chairman, Indiana NORML.