If we want Marijuana relegalized, we have to play the political game. We have to find those politicians who are open to our ideas of freedom, arm them with information, prove that what we say is true, and provide them with the courage necessary to vote to end prohibition. That’s not an easy task set. But it’s what has to be done to get legislation passed that removes the spectre of prohibition.

So who do we talk to…who are our friends? Indiana NORML sent out questionnaires to candidates for elected office in Indiana, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian and independents.  280+  of them.  We received 23 replies. Indiana NORML cannot endorse a candidate. But we can most assuredly report to the public the stands on Marijuana-related issues.

We also know there are others who favor our positions who are not included here. Some of our friends are not up for election this year. Others may be willing to support our issues but do not want to be seen as basing their campaign on one issue.

We asked six questions:

1. Do you favor taxing and regulating Marijuana?
2. Do you favor decriminalizing Marijuana (making use, production or sales of Marijuana punishable by a fine with no jail time)?
3. Do you favor access to medicinal Marijuana with a doctor’s recommendation?
4. Do you favor allowing access to medicinal Marijuana through a dispensary system?
5. Do you favor relegalizing industrial (non psychoactive) Hemp as a renewable crop for Indiana?
6. Were you aware of 2012’s IN SB347, sponsored by Sen. Karen Tallian (D) and coauthored by Senator Brent Steele (R)?
Some people voted “No” on question one because they stated they did not agree with taxation.
Some agreed with access for medicine, but do not agree with either a doctor’s recommendation or a dispensary system. Others feel it should be relegalized with no conditions.

Follow the link for results of survey: https://word.office.live.com/wv/WordView.aspx?FBsrc=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fdownload%2Ffile_preview.php%3Fid%3D152424871567570%26metadata&access_token=721983499%3AAVLUZ_zqcHxxBz9U2fthO_xmFaWrhxtNCCYbPsZceelvfA&title=Candidate+Responses+10.1.12.docx