In spite of the efforts of huge, overgrown industries like Agriculture, petrochemical and pharmaceutical to chemicalize and artificalize farming methods, many growers of Marijuana want to keep the crop organic, outdoors and real. The quality of outdoor Marijuana can be just as good as indoor, controlled growing. For those with an Earth-oriented spirituality, outdoor-grown Marijuana has an added dimension.

In many ways, Marijuana is comparable to wine. There are screw-top wines that are made from fruit concentrates and aged for all of 10 minutes before being bottled and shipped, and there are wines that are cask-cured, carefully aged and bottled by hand. The latter are certainly of better quality, but are not as prevalent in the market and rather expensive. There remains a market for indoor Marijuana as growing conditions can be much better controlled; just meeting the demand for quality Marijuana is a daunting task. It’s also important in the development of strains specifically for medical use. But the spirit of nature can be found more readily in a crop that grows as nature intends.