“House Representatives from two East Coast states will announce the introduction of legislation legalizing the recreational use of marijuana today, and two additional states have pledged to follow suit after the new year. The announcement will come via a teleconference hosted by the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP). MPP was the principal financier of the 2008 effort to legalize medical marijuana in Michigan.

Bolstered by the successful legalization campaigns in Colorado and Washington, State Representatives from Maine and Rhode Island will detail their introduction of their legalization Bills. Representatives from Vermont and Massachusetts have pledged to initiate similar legislation after the new year, when legislative cycles are renewed.

Michigan will join suit in 2013. Tim Beck, whose Coalition for a Safer Detroit won their bid to decriminalize marijuana by a 65% vote, told The Compassion Chronicles, “We have good reason to believe that there will be a legalization bill introduced in the Michigan Legislature in the next session. We are absolutely delighted by the turn of events in November. It has had a tremendous impact in the political class in Lansing, and we have some good momentum going.” Five Michigan cities voted yes to adopt pro-marijuana ordinances on November 6th.

The progressive nature of the East Coast is not surprising given the history of the states involved. Rhode Island and Maine both already have medical marijuana programs in place, including state-run dispensaries in Maine. Vermont has already approved two dispensaries and their law allows for two more within state borders.”