relegalization of Cannabis for all of its purposes, but they’ve never been ones to let a little truth stop them.

Now they’re whining about the potency of concentrate, commonly called “Wax.” Yes, it is concentrated psychoactive components, and are considerably more potent than smoked Marijuana.  So what?

Cannabis is what is known as self-titrating. You take as much as you need. If you misjudge, the worst that will happen is you’ll fall asleep.

Even at 200 times stronger than your average joint, it still doesn’t matter. Rather than smoking a whole joint, you will take 2-3 hits of wax, maybe four. For those concerned about inhaling plant material, this would be an alternative. YOU CAN NOT OVERDOSE ON MARIJUANA! In lay terms, you would have to smoke 1,500 pounds of Marijuana in 15 minutes to get a lethal overdose. It can’t be done.

When you hear some police or other government official talk about potency, just know they’re lying because they have no basis to oppose relegalization.