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Hemp in Marion County, Indiana

11,000 plants representing four different cultivars and spanning five acres. That's the size and scope of one of the licensed hemp farms in Marion County, Indiana. The farm is situated on the southeast side of the county. Owner John Copeland's farm has been there...

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Is is time to Party?

With the conclusion of the Indiana Democrat Party state convention, the 2018 platforms are now available for all active political parties in Indiana. So will the official party positions on cannabis be a reason for Hoosiers to party? That’s up to you, but here’s the...

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Impressive article on the implications of legalization

"The Social, Economic, and Legal Implications of the Legalization of Marijuana" by Cassidy Zimmerman ... (PDF file of this article is available here) Indiana NORML Vice Chairman, William H. Martin, is very proud to share an independent research project done by Park...

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A Chronology of Indiana Marijuana Activism

Foreword: I have been fortunate to be one of those at the heart of the Marijuana Movement in Indiana from the beginning. I joined pioneers like Stephen W. Dillon, David Zintel, Geri Twitty, Joh Padgett and others in doing whatever possible to advance the cause of the...

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