a message from our friend Deb:

Greetings everyone: Deb here with a Hoosier’s glimpse of Denver. I just recently journeyed west to spend some time to find out for myself what the “buzz” was all about. The People have spoken; Colorado has passed cannabis legislation this lat November. Amendment 64 is historic in that cannabis was legalized for recreational purposed. The bill also included legislation to allow the cultivation of industrial hemp.

Colorado voters enabled state government to adopt ordinances re: taxing, regulating establishments, licensing those to produce and dispense the hemp. The long term benefit is that the state has and will continue to collect MILLIONS of dollars annually in additional revenue. My Colorado friend, I’ll call him “Buddy”, says that basically “we (Coloradoans) are fighting terrorism and illegal drug trade.” Colorado is seeing that revenue can be generated by taxing and controlling hemp.

Regulation has generated monies to the stat by spin off industries. Thousands of new jobs are being generated and billions of wages for workers each year. By passing Amendment 64, Colorado is putting fiscal priorities where they belong and fund what matters the most.
The voters said, “Yes, we want common sense controls.” Amendment 64 is making hemp history. Coloradoans have ushered in a new era for agriculture. Soon Denver will be one of the first to refine biodiesel fuel in America since 1937.

Besides medical and recreational use industrial hemp is getting geared up for a cross country revival. By 2014 Colorado will have legislation and regulations in place for agricultural and industrial hemp. The new mantra is “Clean Energy.” Hemp biofuel is ready for the spotlight. For the first time in 75 years it will be legal for farmers to grow hemp as a cash crop. Wow, hemp oil as an alternative fuel. Mr. Young, please, grow a pair and take a risk. You will not be committing political suicide. Renewable energy is America’s homeland security. Wouldn’t it be great to be known as the senator who helped to bring hemp back to the Indiana farmers?

Senator Young, I know you are old enough to remember how great the automotive industry in Indiana. Too long I have seen my Indiana home become more depressed. Vacant lots and vacant buildings blot cities where productive factories once stood. I saw industry and growth in Denver. Jobs are popping up all over Denver in the hemp industry: clothing, bakeries, electrical, security, and the list go on and on.

The folks out there have a little saying: PLUR; Peace, Love, Understanding, and Respect. I was proud to see that the people of Denver have overcome the stigma of Reefer Madness. Honest to goodness, boys and girls, there is a land to the west, not far from here: the land of milk and honey. As I whimsically think to myself, I know what Dr. King meant when he said he has been to the mountain top and seen the Promised Land. That Promised Land is Denver. This corn-fed pie-eyed optimist was completely overwhelmed.

To summarize the trip: there is ZERO moral and social decay. Society has not fallen into anarchy and chaos. Tolerance and acceptance were abundant. Everywhere I looked, I saw people working together. Violent crimes were not as prevalent in the television news. Dispensaries stood in harmony alongside churches, grocery stores, post offices and within blocks of schools.

The most important thing to do right now is to educate the community. Knowledge without action is plain fantasy. The more you know the more you can do. We need to educate, communicate and cooperate in order to make a change.

…….Inhale deeply….Aaahhh….Memories, light the corners of my mind.