I’m sorry to report that Indiana Senator Michael Young, Chairman of the Committee on Corrections and Criminal Law, has refused to schedule our Decrim bill, S.B. 0580 for a hearing, so we have no legislation pending at this time. There is a bill, S.B. 196, that would remove up to 30 grams of Marijuana from the Habitual Offender statutes, and it is expected to pass, and we will redirect our efforts towards that bill.

We have made great inroads to the Indiana Farmers Union as we presented to them last Saturday and their board voted unanimously to support our efforts in both Hemp and Marijuana. I’m afraid it was too late to have an effect on S.B. 580, but it does give us a strong, new ally for next year.

Indiana is one of the few states that still have a part time legislature, so advances in law come at a snail’s pace. We have made many new friends and hope to have even a broader base of support for 2014.

We had an excellent rally at our Statehouse yesterday, making sure they heard our voices in support of reform, and we got an overall excellent response from both public and government officials. At least two police officers picked up LEAP information. I did notice that, several times during the day, the Indiana State Police led dogs through the area.

It’s a delay in progress, to be sure, but we’re undaunted. They know we’re not going away, and we won’t disappoint them in that manner.

Onward through the fog!