Here is a sample letter to former Speaker of the Indiana House, Pat Bauer. He and others will need to approve SR70 before it goes to hearings this summer. Please copy and paste this into your email program and send to [email protected] Feel free to personalize the message, but always remain polite.


Dear Speaker Bauer:

Senate Resolution 70 gives us a chance for a seat at the table. It gives us an opportunity to explain and prove how Cannabis/Hemp/Marijuana will make a better life for all Hoosiers, create thousands of new jobs in completely new industries, stop the bleeding of money and provide a new tax base.

Non-psychoactive Hemp will produce clean, efficient fuel, both bio diesel and ethanol. It will provide a source of building materials that reduce deforestation. When mixed with lime, plentiful in our state, it produces a superior concrete-like material that is stronger, lighter, more flexible and self-insulating. It’s a source of food for human or animal, paper, paint…even biodegradable plastic!

Cannabis’s efficacy as a medicine is well-proven. Humans have what’s known as the Endocannabinoid system; receptors throughout the body that react only to THC and provides what the body needs to regulate other systems such as immunity. Because it is oil soluble, it can travel through the body and has been shown to attack tumors and cancer cells. It treats deep pain. A colleague of yours in the Indiana House, Tom Knollman, has multiple sclerosis and would benefit greatly from legal access to Marijuana. So could thousands of other Hoosiers. And all with no objectionable side effects.

Personal use of Marijuana is, as former DEA Administrative Law Judge Francis Young has said after exhaustive research, that Marijuana is “…Safer than many of the foods we commonly consume.” Study after study shows there is no such thing as a “Gateway” substance. In fact, the 1999 Institute of Medicine comprehensive study blew away most of the myths that have kept Marijuana illegal.

Mr. Speaker, Indiana spends roughly $150 Million dollars every year to arrest pot smokers. Just on medical use alone, if 100,000 Hoosiers need Marijuana at average use of two ounces per month, which  would require 12,500 pounds of Marijuana per month. At a low price of $1,000 per pound, that’s 12.5 Million dollars per month. These are very conservative figures, and I believe that could be double This doesn’t include the sales for personal use or industrial Hemp. This is a new tax base. New industries.  Thousands of new jobs.

Would you deny a better economy and better lives to Hoosiers?

Please approve SR 70 for hearings this coming summer and let us prove what we say.


(Your Name)