Science is the method of determining truth. Scientific methods can be applied to many activities in our daily lives, and once upon a time in America, people in general knew how to apply the basic scientific approach to problem solving. It sure doesn’t seem that way now, especially from some government officials when dealing with Cannabis.

Due to the political games being played, there hasn’t been all that many U.S. Studies on Cannabis, but the rest of the world, most notably Israel and Spain, has been busy researching what we won’t.

There are now over four thousand studies showing the safety and efficacy of Cannabis, the vast majority happening overseas. The discovery of the Endocannabinoid system in the human body is undisputable. Why? Because science was applied to determine truth. That’s the same with almost all aspects of Cannabis. It is proven safer than almost everything else on the planet. It is proven effective to treat and/or cure many diseases.

Yet, prohibitionists obviously do not want to know the truth. Maybe they don’t understand the scientific process. Neil DeGrasse Tyson does.

Those who fear the truth live a lie.