Senator Karen Tallian is trying to introduce a medical marijuana bill to the Indiana General Assembly for 2015. We urge everyone to contact their Representatives and ask them to co-author this bill and/or to make sure that this bill will get a hearing. This is the fourth year in a row, where some kind of bill has been filed, lost, or not heard in the Indiana General Assembly. Please, Make Your Voice Heard! You can locate your state representatives here: Find My Rep!

For this upcoming session, I have a bill ready to file to legalize medical marijuana. I am ready and eager to get to work after this last major federal obstacle has been lifted.

Senator Karen Tallian (D) Indiana
For more information on this quote and her bill please visit this link:
Tallian encouraged by congressional lift of medical marijuana bans.

We don’t know much about the bill yet. What we do know, NOW, is the time to contact your Representatives to let them know where you stand. With the Spending Bill being signed into law, enforcement pertaining to Medical Marijuana is NO LONGER a priority that will be funded by our tax dollars at the Federal Level. That’s a positive step in the right direction! Let’s keep the momentum going into 2015 at the State level!