Prohibitionists just can’t seem to understand that the euphoria from ingesting Cannabis is different than being drunk on alcohol. They just can’t fathom that the results of Cannabis doesn’t make you stagger when you walk, slur your speech or drive your car all over the road. They just can’t help themselves from not being able to understand that Cannabis doesn’t cause one to lose control of themselves, or their motor vehicles.

Too many prohibitionists can’t believe the science, because it usually conflicts with their cockeyed view of the world. Yet, even more of them fear losing money as Cannabis use clearly is a healthier choice than the chemical crap their favorite distilleries or pharmaceutical companies dish out. They can’t stand that their favorite prosecutors offices might lose a lot of their money and their ability to lock people up for a choice different from theirs.

They seem to have this mindset about driving, hoping the average person won’t look further than prohibitionist rants. The truth is that every proper, peer-reviewed and replicated study shows that Cannabis is far safer than alcohol and is insignificantly worse than driving “Sober.” Here’s yet another study showing traffic fatality rates about the same in legal states as illegal states.

Maybe some day prohibitionists will understand that science is merely proof of what is true and what is not. Of course they fear being proven wrong.