How far would you go to make your sick child better? What if you knew Marijuana would help? Would you follow a law based in racism and emotion rather than science, or would you do whatever was necessary to get help for your child?

Joe and Erica Rollins faced a critical decision about their daughter Emily. The pills and chemicals doctors in Indiana were pumping into Emily were doing her far more harm than good. Emily was having 200 seizures a day, before her first birthday. They found Cannabis controlled her seizures much better than the pharmaceuticals, and with little to no negative side effects.

The family moved to Colorado and put Emily on Cannabis medicine. Because of the chemical poisoning, Emily’s development was inhibited. However, after a couple of years of Cannabis therapy, Emily is improving dramatically. From the pictures Joe and Erica post on Facebook, it’s clear to see Emily is happier…and healthier.

The Rollins’ are what are called Marijuana refugees; families that have had to leave their homes, families and friends in states where medical Marijuana is illegal, to states that care enough about their people to allow Marijuana as medicine. Unfortunately, that number of refugees grows greater every year.

But there’s a price to pay. You have to uproot, and leave your family and friends. That takes a toll. This is a Facebook posting Erica made. It screams the personal pain of prohibition, and its negative impact on our people.

“I am a terrible friend. It didn’t used to be this way. When Emily was diagnosed at 6 months old with a catastrophic form of epilepsy everything about me changed.

I had to become so focused on Emily it was hard to see beyond her needs. Once I was able to look beyond her needs I had to focus more intently on my marriage. More so than most couples with typical children. The divorce rate in the special needs community is something like 85-90%.

I have to focus inward a lot. My needs get pushed back to the back burner often so when I get a free moment it’s often spent on myself and not on my friends and family.
It makes me sad that I can’t spend more time on other people other than my immediate family. I try but often I just fail.

When Joe and I made the very difficult decision to leave everything we had to move to Colorado for Emily’s needs we again isolated ourselves with the distance. We can’t be there for our friends and family. We have missed so much and I know that hurts peoples feelings.
Please know I would love nothing more than to not have had to move. I would love it if Emily was never diagnosed with a life limiting epilepsy.
I would love it if I could invest as much back into the lives of those who invest in our lives. To be able to give you as much as you have given us. We simply can’t.

It’s very difficult to understand our life if you haven’t walked in it. That’s not your fault. It’s just the truth.

Since moving out here we’ve lost the support of several friends and family. It hurts and makes me sad. Not as much for me but I feel like they don’t care about Emily.

I know we talk about controversial things and it may even be things you don’t agree with. I am sorry if you disagree with us and our life now. Please understand we are doing whatever we can to save our daughter.
Cannabis has saved her life. Because of cannabis we will get to hold our child longer. Because we made this choice to focus on us and Emily we don’t have to know the life altering pain that is grief yet.

So please be patient with me. Instead of removing yourself from my life call me, text me, or message me. Tell me you are hurt. Tell me you feel sad because I am missing something. Don’t just leave us.
This is not directed at any one person. This is just something I needed to get out.”

Prohibition of Marijuana as a medicine exists because of the empty souls that have hijacked the concept of freedom, having sold those souls with no regard for the people that are harmed in the process.

No one should have to go through this to make sure their child is healthy. Prohibitionists like to say they’re “Protecting the children.” Are they protecting the children by denying them healing medicine? Are they protecting the children by causing them and their families to uproot and move to a place where people are more compassionate? Come on, Indiana. We’re better than that.