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Candidate Survey Results

This year, voters will have the opportunity to cast their ballot for a wide range of candidates that favor at least some measure of cannabis reform. The time has come where candidates are both coming out of the closet with their support, and also realizing that it is a widely popular issue with the public that transcends political party.

The results of our survey will be a living platform up until the election on November 6th. It can be easy to assume that candidates that have not responded are simply against it, but some candidates have been difficult to reach, and others simply might not have seen our invitation yet. If you live in a district where candidates have not submitted responses, please feel free to share with them the link to our survey, and let them know that as a voter you would like them to take our survey. Note that Indiana elected officials are not allowed to use official communication channels such as their .gov email addresses to facilitate campaigns, so all invitations to take our survey must be sent using campaign or personal contact information.

To use this information to inform your vote, you will need to know what political districts you live in. You can use this Indiana government website to see which districts you live in and which individuals currently hold those offices, and you can also use the Indiana Voters website to see everyone that will be on your ballot based on your voter registration address.

If you want to make sure that everyone is aware of this voter guide before the election, please click on the Facebook, Twitter, and other social media “share” buttons on the right side of this page to let your friends and family know that they can use this information when heading to the voting booth. Without further introduction, here are the offices for which we currently have survey information:

Are you a candidate interested in taking our survey? It’s not too late! Click here to take the survey!