I write this as a Cannabis Activist in the state of Indiana.

This has been the strangest election cycle I have seen in over 50 years of paying attention. On the national stage, we’ve seen more fraud and lies than ever before which are causing a lot of people to wish there would be a line on the ballot for “None of the Above.”

What happens in one’s own state has more of an impact on your day-to-day life than what the President does. What our local governments and our state government does will affect you faster, quicker and harder than the vast majority of what the federal government, particularly the President, could ever do.

From a Cannabis issue point of view, we have two choices for Governor that are pro-Cannabis. We have two Parties that at least in general, support reform. We could have medical Marijuana within two years if we put supporters of Cannabis reform in Indiana offices.

But you can not do that if you are not registered to vote, and if you don’t go to vote on or before November 8th, 2016.

Registration ends today, October 11th. If you do not register, you can not vote.

Please either go to the County Clerk’s office in your county, or a license branch. You will need to take your I.D. With you.

Or, you can go to www.indianavoters.com and register online. You can also check your registration, which all of us should do, find where you vote and who and what referenda are on the ballot.

Do you want Marijuana relegalized in Indiana? GO VOTE!