The nation goes to the polls on November 4th to elect congress, state legislatures and various state and local offices. It’s call the mid-term elections. Voter turnout is usually low, even lower than that for a presidential election. It shouldn’t be.

An old phrase, “All politics is local” bears a lot of truth. State legislatures, city, county and town councils hold more sway over you than any president ever thought of. The people you send to Congress or to the State House actually live in your community. They’re supposed to be more open to what you have to say. If you push them, they will respond to you.

Yes, they should be more open to talking to us, more transparent in what they do. But until we the people stand up and make them, many of them probably won’t bother.

Just a few days ago, Indiana NORML released our 2014 Candidates Survey. Out of 203 candidates for the IN State Legislature whom we contacted only 30 replied. Of those 30, 18 were Democrats who, at least generally, agree with our issues. Even though only eight of the Libertarian candidates answered our poll, all agreeing, we know all the Libertarian candidates support relegalization out of principle. There was one Independent, and he agrees. The two Republicans who responded were against, and one Democrat opposed. This doesn’t mean all Democrats are on our side and all Republicans are against, but we can infer that Libertarians and Democrats are more likely to favor relegalization than Republicans.

You can view our survey at:

For U.S. Congressional races, none of the incumbents, including Democrat Andre Carson, support relegalization. Democratic Congressman Pete Visclosky, from District 1, has supported minor legislation that inches us forward.

If those of us who want Marijuana legal in Indiana do not go out and vote for those who support us, it will be quite some time before we win. The Indiana Statehouse is controlled by the Republicans. They have the Governor’s office and both Houses of the legislature. Our options: Vote in more libertarians and Democrats or convince the Republicans in control to change their minds. You, the voter, must decide which is the easier course to take. You make that decision known at the ballot box,

As we have said repeatedly, if candidates from your district did not respond to the survey, you can ask them directly what their positions are. You can find your candidates, where you vote and other pertinent information at Many have Facebook or Twitter pages. Ask them! If they don’t respond, ask them again. They may not want to respond, but you will be telling them there is interest in the issue.

And pass this information on to your friends and relatives. If we want relegalization any time soon, it’s going to be up to us to make the difference.

Not voting is not a protest. It is surrender. Please vote on November 4th.