By PAUL MICKLE    “A jury unanimously acquitted Ed “Weedman” Forchion on Thursday of charges he intended to distribute the pound of marijuana he was found carrying on April Fool’s Day in 2010.

The jury of two men and 10 women deliberated for 90 minutes, not counting a lunch break, before returning with the not guilty verdict.

“I told you so,” Forchion told the clutch of supporters sitting behind him in the audience, who let out a cheer until a deputy sheriff told them to pipe down.

The jury started deliberating after hearing Forchion deliver his own final arguments. He told the jury at the time that he was munching on cookies laced with marijuana during the summation.

 After the jury went in to consider the evidence — including a bag of pot the size of a loaf of bread — Forchion asked Burlington County Superior Court Judge Charles Delehey to return his “medicinal” pot if he beats the charges. Delehey called the pot “contraband” and said it would not be returned.