Seems now, in our never-ending quest for freedom, equality and common sense, that our political opponents are referring to us as “Pot heads.” Seems they don’t want to have anything to do with us. Yet, most of them can’t even describe what they mean by “Pot heads.”

Indiana NORML has for decades stood in support of industrial Hemp. You don’t get high from industrial Hemp. You make clothing, fuel, paper, building materials and more, all in an environmentally sound, “Green” endeavor. We have argued in many venues just as strong for Hemp as we have for medical and personal use Marijuana. Our annual Indiana State Fair booth features more about Hemp than the other two issues, including samples of fabric, Hemp diesel fuel and Hempcrete.

Yes, we argue endlessly for medical and personal use as well. There are over 23  thousand studies showing the safety and efficacy of Marijuana. We know what truth is. There is ample proof that Cannabis cures cancer and other debilitating diseases and treats many different ailments as well. We also believe in the freedoms guaranteed in the U.S. and Indiana Constitutions and believe in the concept of “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” as was written in the Declaration of Independence. We believe that government has no business making Marijuana or Hemp illegal for any of its purposes and doing so violates the people’s rights under state and federal constitutions.

Sure sounds like a “Pot head” philosophy to me.

Lifestyle? I’m betting they’re thinking that we just lay around, getting stoned and thinking of new ways to violate the rights of those in power or threaten their sense of order. Let’s take a look at the Indiana NORML Board of Directors and our members. We have home workers and college students, business owners, lawyers, doctors and physical laborers. We have Christians, Jews and Pagans. We have Democrats and Republicans, Greens and Libertarians. We have physically healthy members and those with medical needs. Some of us are mainstream and some of us are (gasp!) Hippies. On our Board we have two lawyers, two business managers, a paralegal, a restaurateur, a business owner, a grocery worker, a retail worker, two software engineers and a home worker.  All of us work at least 40 hours a week. Many of us have family responsibilities. We all throw in several hours a day working on relegalization issues. By the way, none of us gets paid for our INORML work and involvement.

We’ve all had to broaden our knowledge base. We’ve had to learn law and the nuts-and-bolts political process. We’ve had to learn some things about medicine, chemistry and science, and agronomy. We’ve had to learn psychology, sociology and political science. We’ve had to learn business practices, tax procedures and  dealing with government agencies. Add to that list law enforcement and public safety practices, technology, Journalism and diplomacy.

Boy, sure sounds like a bunch of pot heads to me!

Maybe they’re just afraid of positive change. Maybe those in government who can’t think for themselves and are too narrow minded to think they can co-exist with other cultures. Or maybe they’re just mean spirited, and think that they ought to have complete power over everyone, the “Dominionist” philosophy. Maybe they’ve forgotten their reason for being in office is to ensure that the State of Indiana advances its people and protects the citizen’s rights rather than make themselves into kings.

Maybe Hoosiers need to be more careful as to what criteria we use to elect our public officials.