The Indiana government is going backwards when it comes to Marijuana reform, and in spite of the efforts of dedicated activists, it’s not enough.

We are fighting many enemies. We are vastly outnumbered by cops, prosecutors, judges, politicians, corporations, all of whom have all the money they need to keep Marijuana illegal.

There are an estimated half million to one million pot smokers in Indiana. Can you imagine the impact if we had even a thousand show up at a rally, or a march? Imagine the impact on a politician getting 1,000 handwritten letters in support of Cannabis? One thousand out of a million pot smokers.

What about billboards, TV and radio advertising? We’d love to. There’s no money. If every pot smoker in Indiana would give one dollar, we could do these things.

What is it going to take? We take a look in the following piece at how LGBT people have gained so much ground. This is, by and large, on target. When we get the numbers of people speaking up, and enough money to get the word out properly, we will stand a lot better chance of relegalization of Cannabis/Hemp/Marijuana.