Cannabis is quickly becoming mainstream. That’s obvious from an increase in positive news stories, books, online articles and published studies, polls showing more and more Americans favoring relegalization and in political speeches and actions.

Eight states are now legal for personal use. 33 states in total have some form of medical. A few states have relegalized industrial Hemp. Even here in Indiana we’re seeing some movement towards normalization with a bill giving very limited support to some seizure-related illnesses with non-psychoactive Cannabidiol waiting for Governor Holcomb’s signature.

On the national level, bills are pending in Congress to back the feds off and let the states decide about Cannabis. On the downside, some cabinet members, most notably Attorney General Jess Sessions is adamantly against Cannabis. On the upside, others favor federal restraint.

Cannabusinesses are flourishing. Legal Cannabis in the United States made $6.5 Billion dollars in 2016. There are Cannabis stocks traded on the open market. There is at least one bill in the U.S. House to ease tax regulations and a bill to ease banking restrictions.

Internationally, there are two nations where personal use Cannabis is legal. Several more are legal for medicine. A United Nations committee is looking at revising the “Single Nation Treaty” of 1961 to allow for Cannabis relegalization.

4/20 in 2017 is a celebration of our victories, true, but it is more of a clairon call for stepping up activism. In spite of gains being made, we are far from where we need to be, and that is full legalization of Cannabis in all of its forms. There are still minds to change. There are still politicians who obstruct freedom who need to be voted out of office.

While you’re celebrating 4/20, talk to people. I’m betting that there are people you partake with who haven’t done anything to help. Contact local officials and educate them as to the benefits for all from relegalization.

73% of Hoosiers want medical Cannabis. Let’s make that 80%. 54% want it relegalized for personal use. Let’s make that 60%.