Neal Smith
What has come to be called Occupy Everywhere wouldn’t be complete without a full-scale attack on the War on Some Drugs. This, the nation’s longest war, has cost us many lives, most of our civil liberties and over a Trillion dollars in its 30 years of existence. It saps our economy at an ever alarming pace, ties up law enforcement resources needed to fight real crime, and permits children easier-than-legal access to the herb. By relegalizing and taxing like alcohol, whole new industries and hundreds of thousands of new, environmentally-friendly jobs would be created. It’s a positive answer to at least some of the Occupy Movement’s objectives.
For those of you not aware of Marijuana’s benefits, it’s not the demon weed the U.S. government has been telling us it is for the past 80-some years. It brings great stress relief, and is an enjoyable, safe substance to alter one’s consciousness…get high, if you will. It is safe; there is not one proven case of death by Marijuana ingestion and it is not possible to overdose. Not only does it not destroy brain cells, it replaces them. After 30 years of research, leading pulmonologist Dr. Donald Tashkin finally gave up his quest to prove Marijuana causes lung cancer. And, if you really want to, you can think while “Under the influence” of Marijuana. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself. If you want truth, I would advise you avoid nearly all government sites proposing to tell you the truth about Marijuana…they don’t. But our government wouldn’t lie to us, now would they?
Yes they would. You know it, and I know it. Isn’t government accountability part of what the Occupy Movement is about? And isn’t also all about restoring our personal liberties? And, consider the economic entanglement surrounding Marijuana prohibition.
Marijuana was made illegal based on lies and racism, not science. It was the excuse the industrialists of the early 1900’s used to stop the production of Marijuana’s cousin plant, Hemp. David Rockefeller, Irenee duPont, Andrew Mellon and others had vested interests in petroleum for the burgeoning automobile industry. Hemp made good ethanol and diesel fuels (still does). DuPont was deep into developing petroleum-based synthetic fibers and a poisonous paper-from-wood pulp process (It’s still highly polluting). Hemp was (still is) the best, longest-lasting natural fiber and still makes the best paper. Mellon bankrolled the move to oust Hemp from the world. They conspired with Mellon’s nephew-in-law Harry Anslinger, head of the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (forerunner of the DEA) to make Hemp illegal. Claiming Marijuana drove you insane with just one hit, made black men lust after white women and caused murder and mayhem, they proceeded with a tax act in 1937. The United States Department of Agriculture, charged with issuing the stamps, refused to do so, making Hemp and Marijuana defacto illegal. It wasn’t actually made illegal until passage of the Boggs Act of 1951. These lies are still held gospel by the federal government, though many states are finally realizing the futility of keeping Marijuana illegal.
Marijuana prohibition is far worse than use of the plant could ever be. Nationally, we spend at least 40 Billion dollars every year locking up pot smokers, but due to government obfuscation as to how much it really spends of our money every year, that figure may be much higher. Indiana alone spends $150 Million in Marijuana arrests each year. The resulting overcrowding of jails led some in government to institute private, for profit prisons, which have no care nor concern for the lives they destroy, just the desire to make as much money as possible at the expense of the people. Mandatory minimum sentences, habitual criminal laws and forfeiture laws are all applied unconstitutionally. In fact, the very notion of prohibition of Marijuana, or any other substance for that matter, is a violation of the principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Now that 17 states and the District of Columbia have relegalized Marijuana for medicine (it has at least 150 medical uses and may very well hold the cure for cancer), the federal government has decided the states can’t contravene federal law. Never mind the 10th Amendment of the federal Constitution says states have the right to make their own laws if a particular activity is not covered by the Constitution. And, no, there is no provision for prohibition of any substance in the Constitution. That’s why alcohol prohibition had to be done with a Constitutional amendment, and undone with another.
Let’s tote up and see what we have: Major corporatists continue to lie about a situation that ends up costing the American citizens a great deal of money and reduces the amount of freedoms we’re supposed to have. They’ve wrongly imprisoned us, taken our property illegally, taken our children from us and destroyed any chance of having anywhere near a decent life as well as going so far as denying the sick medicine. All because of another plant that would give us a more natural, healthier and sustainable lifestyle. Hemp was also banned since they refuse to differentiate between psychoactive Marijuana and non-psychoactive Hemp.
Lies, extortion, out of control government spending, government malfeasance on every level. Sounds like an Occupy Everywhere issue to me!