Why should I pay $25 for an annual Indiana NORML membership? Where does that money go?

These are SOME of the reasons why it is important to help support INORML’s membership program and pay your annual dues.

If you want cannabis to succeed in Indiana, your annual membership dues to INORML is your first step.

Your membership information is kept confidential. We do not sell or release your name or contact information.

That money shows your commitment to the organization by your willingness to contribute to the education of Hoosier citizens on the facts and science regarding cannabis. Memberships can help pay for producing educational materials, coordinating public events, and even promotional ads. Your paid membership counts you as a bona fide member of the organization, and when we educate and advocate with state leaders, we do that for you, the member. Our state’s membership numbers in each county, across all legislative districts, all count toward change in Indiana.


  1. Education: One of the organization’s main objectives is to educate the public about the facts and science behind cannabis. The organization engages people on many different digital and printed platforms to spread relevant and truthful cannabis information. This includes printed brochures and pamphlet materials, and digital multimedia products for the INORML.org website and related social media postings. Informational material can be costly and time consuming to compile, produce, and promote.


  1. Promotions, ad space, news: Indiana NORML educational information can be incorporated into billboards, newspapers, radio, and television spots. Without membership funds, we cannot effectively push any information initiatives to the public in your area of the state. If you want to see or hear positive cannabis INORML educational ads in your local area newspapers, radio, or television, we need to raise more funds through our individual memberships. This helps us spread the positive aspects of cannabis reform even further. We need to work with our local media and increase media relations down to the local level. We need to create our own media and events and that takes planning, coordination, software, talent, and membership commitment.


  1. Membership: We need to ensure those signing up for the organization can receive a digital membership card and letter in a timely manner. Annual dues renewal notices and other cannabis information are also mailed and emailed to members. This takes time and effort from volunteers, but also costs to maintain and protect membership program with hardware and software, card graphic design, implementing security measures, and mailing that info. It is crucial for a membership organization like INORML to maintain a healthy membership program.


  1. Advocacy: Advocating cannabis reform and meeting and hosting educational events for publicly elected and appointed leaders to attend. Money can be used for meeting spaces for Town Halls, educational seminars, or hosting other engaging events to educate and encourage discussions about cannabis law reform with local, state and national leaders.

These are just some of the ways our membership dollars are used to help boost cannabis knowledge. Please consider joining the movement today at: www.inorml.org/join