It’s critical that we all write our Indiana State Senators regarding Senate Bill 580. Chairman of the Corrections and Criminal Law Committee, Michael Young, has yet to schedule the bill for a hearing. S.B. 580 would decriminalize adult possession of two ounces of Marijuana and would relegalize industrial Hemp in our state. If it doesn’t get scheduled, the bill will die.

So Senator Young must hear from you. Snail mail counts for a lot in this instance. But phone calls and email leave their mark as well.

To snail mail Senator Young:

Michael Young
Senate District 35
Indiana State Senate
200 W. Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2785

Call him at: 1-800-382-9467

Email him at: [email protected] . Please Copy MEREDITH his assistant also.

There is a prepared letter to Senator Young at the home page of

Below are some talking points to include in your message. Always be polite. Please let us know either by comment or on our Facebook page (facebook/indiana NORML) if they give you any reaction to your communication.

Marijuana arrests on a national level have surpassed violent crime arrests by 100,000.

Indiana has locked up 426,000 Hoosiers since 1988. That’s an average of one per hour.

A simple arrest costs approximately $2,000.

It costs $30,000 per year to house one prisoner. It’s double…$60,000, if that prisoner needs medical care.

Indiana spends roughly $150 Million dollars a year locking up pot smokers.

Consider this: There is an estimated one million pot smokers in Indiana, probably more than that. The “Average” smoker uses a quarter ounce per week, an ounce per month. That’s a million ounces. An average, indoor-grown plant will bear eight ounces every 90 days. That’s 125,000 plants needed every month. Outdoor plants usually bear less, and you only get one outdoor crop per season. There are an estimated 100,000 medical needs patients in Indiana, using, on average, two ounces per month, or 200,000 ounces per month of strain-specific Marijuana. So we’re up to 1,200,000 ounces of Marijuana per month, and we’re up to 150,000 plants per month. Indiana has a $3.50 per gram tax. There are 273,600,000 grams in the above numbers. $957,600,000 of tax collected. The tax is, however, excessive and might drive the final price up to a point an underground economy might be worth the risk to some. At $2.00 per gram, the tax would still be a healthy $547,200,000…a little over a half billion new dollars.

A Howey Report/Depauw University survey showed 54% of Hoosiers want Marijuana reform.

What part of ridiculous do they not understand?